Support Others, Don't Be Bitter

There's a Facebook page that I'm a fan of, called Music Photographers.  It's basically what the title says - a fan page for music photographers.  Mostly people posting some of their concert shots and talking about band release forms they're made to sign if they want to shoot, and why they won't sign them.  Pretty innocuous.

PhotoWhoa - a photo deals site

There are daily deals sites all over the web.  Groupon, Woot, LivingSocial...I could go on and on about them.  There are a few photo daily deal sites around, but I was recently made aware of PhotoWhoa.

According to Kevin Tang, one of the co-founders, "PhotoWhoa is a daily deals site for photographers. Think of them as a Groupon specifically for photography products. They feature highly discounted photography items generally over 50% off retail price."


It's Not Just About the Big Tricks

I absolutely love watching extreme sports, especially skiing, snowboarding, and motocross.  And I'm not talking about races, I'm talking about tricks.  I love watching Moto-X even though I'm convinced those guys are all going to kill themselves, I love watching Shaun White get big air,and I love watching ski jumping.





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