Fixing Up Tiger Using Lightroom, Photoshop, and PhotoTools

While I do love post-processing, I'm definitely in the "I don't do a lot for every photo" crowd. Unless it's something I *know* has the potential to be really good, or I'm showing it to people, or using it in my portfolio, most times I don't bother. I also do try to get stuff right in camera, as much as humanely possible.

I took a photo of a tiger at the zoo. Here's the before, and after next to each other. 


Kid's Karate Test

Once a month at the Zultimate dojo, all the kids who are ready for their next belt get a chance to show their stuff in front of the senseis, and prove that they really are ready. As one of the instructors at the dojo who normally teaches and helps out, I put on a different hat this time, and decided to photograph the test.




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