Iwo Jima in DC

I'm back from yet another Photoshop World, and while my writeup will go up in a couple of days, I wanted to share this photo with everybody.  As the hotel group rate didn't start until Thursday, I stayed at a hotel by Iwo Jima Wednesday night.  Thursday morning, while everything was foggy and gray, I walked over there before the crowds started to check it out.  


Repost: Meeting People at Photoshop World

I wrote this post intially after the Las Vegas 2011 Photoshop World, and honestlly upon reading it again, I don't see anything I really would change.  There is absolutely no reason that a person heading solo to Photoshop World, or even knowing a limited number of people can not meet new people and still have fun.  Again, I'm doing a full blog repost here, and just take note because the DC Photoshop World is occurring over the weekend, some of the days need to be changed (the tweetup is on Friday, not Tuesday, etc...).



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