Field events in "Track and Field"

A couple of weeks ago I shot my first track and field event, with a second one last week. I used to run track as a kid, but haven't been to a track meet since then. Heading over to the stadium, I was trying to figure out what I was going to take.  Isn't it just a bunch of people running?  That will get old, right?


I forgot about the "field" part of "track and field."  And wow, those did not get old.  At all.  



Live it Big Time - Big Time Rush

When I was growing up, the big boy band was New Kids on the Block.  I liked them, but unlike other girls, I didn't like-like them (as kids then would say).  

Getting older and out of the teenage range, there was 'N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, and don't forget about Hanson (secret note: I still enjoy listening to "MMMBop" occassionally).  Again, I liked them, but didn't get obssessed.  


On Shooting from the Soundboard

I had my first soundboard shoot recently when I shot Kelly Clarkson.  I found out pretty much that day that it was a soundboard shoot, and I went into the concert hoping my 70-200 was good enough.  I did try to calibrate my 1.4x extender, but couldn't get it calibrated right, so I gave up on using it.

Did I enjoy the soundboard shoot?  More no, than yes honestly.  What were the issues I came across?



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