Don't sign the concert photo release

This was actually going to be a post for Monday, and it was going to contain photos from my Tesla shoot tonight.

Wait, what? You don't see any photos of Tesla here, and it's the Wednesday before you say?  Oh, that's because even though I did get a photo pass for them, I declined the shoot.  Why? The release they wanted me to fill out.

This is actually the first time I've had to fill out a concert release, and I read it very carefully before deciding to not sign it. Here's the full release for your pleasure, with email addresses removed


Portfolio Reviews and You

This is one of those articles I'll come back to in a few months when the next Photoshop World comes up, but I was thinking about it recently.  By this point in time, I've had a few portfolio reviews.  Two of them at Photoshop World, and two of them at the Sports Photography Workshop. Overall, I was very pleased with all four of them.


Photography is Art, And I Don't Get Some of It

I've seen so many discussions over time about different aspects of photography. Some people love HDR, others hate it.  Some people love street photography, others don't.  It's just like regular art. Personally I don't get modern art, and I don't enjoy looking at it.  I actually saw a piece in an art museum once which was just a black canvas with a tiny corner torn off.  And yes, it actually as a piece because it had a placard.  I don't get that, but apparently others do since the art museum paid a nice sum for it.



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