You Don't Always Need a DSLR

As photographers, we get caught up a lot in having the best gear, and the coolest lenses, and you don't always need that. Sure, there are cases where using an iPhone just isn't the best idea, but there are other cases where a simple point and shoot, or even one of the 4/3rds cameras works just fine.



Shooting Karate in Low Light

Our twice a year karate tournament was just held, and as an added bonus, besides just being a participant and running the trophy table, I was upgraded to event photographer.

I did shoot at the last tournament which was held at the the Denver University Magness Arena, and I thought the lighting was bad. Honestly though, this venue made Magness look like bright sunlight outdoors.



Photo Friday: Death Angel

I shot Death Angel, Testament, Anthrax a few weeks ago. While I didn't end up staying for Anthrax (which turned out to be the correct decision based on the fact the crowd was rowdy and the photographers had to leave the pit), I hadn't looked at my Death Angel photos until today.  There is something to be said for not only being close, but having a good enough camera to shoot at ISO 6400.



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