The Sandman is Unforgiven - One Metallica Tribute Band

While the Grizzly Rose is known for being a country bar, they're also moving towards bringing some rock acts in as well.  One of the acts they brought in is One, who's a Metallica tribute band out of Minnesota.  Here's a tip that I was told when starting concert photography - if you can't shoot the real band, shoot the tribute bands.  The entire point of a tribute band is to look and sound like the real thing, so essentially you're almost (but not quite) seeing the actual band.

This was definitely my experience with One.  While I've never been to an actual Metallica concert, I came away from this feeling like I had attended one.  The band members energetically ran all over the stage, sang the songs just like you'd expect, and got the crowd extremely into it.  I felt bad for security at the show, but they're probably used to having to deal with fans that are rowdy.  However I will note, they weren't as rowdy as I would've expected.

I'm really excited I had a chance to shoot this band as they definitely entertained.

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