Josh Gracin at the Grizzly Rose

The Grizzly Rose is a huge venue north of Denver. It's known for being a country bar, but they actually have a decent mix of country and rock acts coming in.

I only watched the first 3 seasons of American Idol, but I remembered Josh Gracin not only for his voice, but I remember when he tackled a country song, it really suited him. I was lucky enough to shoot him at the Grizzly Rose this past week.  I haven't heard him at all since he performed 8 years ago on Idol, so I did remember to take some time out to enjoy the music as well.  I didn't have the same 3 song restriction that photographers normally have, so I was lucky enough to shoot and listen at the same time.

In 8 years he's really grown as a singer, and put on a fantastic show.  He had a good mix of originals and covers, and used a lot of energy jumping all over the stage.  The crowd really got into it, and you could tell he fed off their energy.

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