Kid's Karate Test

Once a month at the Zultimate dojo, all the kids who are ready for their next belt get a chance to show their stuff in front of the senseis, and prove that they really are ready. As one of the instructors at the dojo who normally teaches and helps out, I put on a different hat this time, and decided to photograph the test.


The lighting was a normal fluorescent lighting (hence, not that good), with only a window at the front of the dojo letting in some natural light. Shooting at a high ISO to get a halfway decent shutter speed was the only option here, and the most of the time I was at ISO 1600. Fortunately, the noise reduction in Lightroom 3 has gotten very good, enabling me to get rid of most of the noise in the photos without sacrificing quality. I shot with a custom white balance, and used my 50mm/1.8 lens.

Photo from Kid's Test

The kids did great with all of their material, and it's a lot of fun to see them progress to the next level.