How I Use My iPad for Photos

Since I got an iPad, I haven't taken a laptop on any trips.  Well, there was a sports workshop I attended that required a laptop, but other than that, I go strictly with my iPad.  One of the things I wasn't able to do with my first generation iPad that I'm able to do with the New iPad is download and edit photos on it.  Oh if I had removed stuff from my old one, I probably could have, but 16 gigs isn't a lot of space when you have apps and videos installed.  

The last two trips I've been on, I've used a combination of Photosmith and Snapseed to do photo editing.

Photosmith is strictly an iPad photo cataloging program which syncs into Lightroom on your desktop. You can reject photos, star photos, color photos, put them in collections, tag, keyword, filter...phew that's a lot of stuff.  The one thing it's missing is the Pick flag, but that's a Lightroom API limitation apparently, so I work around it by 5-starring any photos that I want to Pick.  Upon transferring them to Lightroom when I get home, I filter by 5-stars, and just set the pick flag then.  Having the ability to go through my photos on the go is great.  I can use the iPad Camera Connection kit to move my photos from camera to iPad, and then just load them up into Photosmith.

Secondly, I honestly don't do a lot of editing with vacation photos, because well, I have a lot and they're vacation photos.  If I do want to edit, I pull up Snapseed.  Extremely powerful editing program, and you can change virtually anything about the photo. White balance, contrast, focus point, clarity, you can add filters like grungy ones, dramatic ones, bright ones, and you can even do selective editing with Nik's control points.

Here's one photo I edited with Snapseed while in Orlando:

I love technology because of the possibilities it brings you.