Don't Throttle Up Too Fast

Anybody who knows me, knows that motocross is one of my favorite sports to shoot.  I love freestyle the best, but second to that, is racing.  I love the hum of the engines at the starting line just before the gates come down.  That obviously doesn't translate at all to photos, but it's part of the experience of being there.

The only place I've ever shot motocross racing is at Thunder Valley, so by default it's my favorite track to shoot at.  Obviously I'm biased in that regard, but a lot of racers who come from out of state say it's actually a great track, so I'll take their word for it.

I was out there today shooting the Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier, and while I did get some shots that I'm proud of, sometimes  you get a shot where it's just a "right place right time" type of shot.  Normally I don't like showing shots of people making mistakes, or getting hurt, but this guy got right back up and finished the race without any issue, and it's one of those shots that rarely happens.

Just remember kids, don't throttle up too fast.