Live it Big Time - Big Time Rush

When I was growing up, the big boy band was New Kids on the Block.  I liked them, but unlike other girls, I didn't like-like them (as kids then would say).  

Getting older and out of the teenage range, there was 'N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, and don't forget about Hanson (secret note: I still enjoy listening to "MMMBop" occassionally).  Again, I liked them, but didn't get obssessed.  

Now you've got bands like Big Time Rush and One Direction, and I still can appreciate them for what they are.  A boy band designed to sing pop-feel-good lyrics, and get all the teenage girls to swoon when it appears they're singing to them individually ("omg omg omg he LOOKED AT ME!!").  But I still can appreciate the music, and definitely can appreciate the stage show.

Big Time Rush appeared at the 1stBank Center in Broomfield recently, and I had a blast shooting them.  First off, this was actually one shoot where I wished it was from the soundboard because when you have four guys constantly dancing and running all over the stage, closer isn't necessarily better.  It was a challenge to get all of them in the shot at one time (a very big challenge), and it was a challenge to get dancing shots.  Second, as a pretty large venue, the lighting was phenomenal.   I shot at ISO 800 the entire night, which was a far cry from other venues when I'm at 5000.  AND it was fun!

I had also gotten a review ticket so after the three songs and stowing my gear, I went back in, sat down, and enjoyed part of the show.  Surrounded by screaming teenage girls (thank you Etymotics earplugs), and even their parents, I still had fun, and thought back to when I was a teenage girl (although I didn't scream like that) in the midst of the 80's hair band era.

Don't knock the boy bands if you're shooting concerts, they can be a good time.

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