Photoshop World DC 2012

Now that I'm semi-rested again after returning from the first Photoshop World in Washington D.C., I figured I'd get on to my recap.

Anybody who knows me knows I love Photoshop World.  Not just for the classes, but for the socialization.  I love talking to people I know, people I don't know, and people I'm just meeting for the first time.  But I always find myself learning something from the show classes.  
My favorite thing now before PSW is to fly in a couple days early, so I have an entire day to relax and do some sightseeing.  I walked to Iwo Jima Thursday morning (hotel group rate didn't start until Thursday, so stayed by Iwo Jima Wednesday night), then spent most of the day with Hugh Leoidsson who had never been to the US before.  We headed over to the White House, some sculpture garden by the Smithsonian, the Washington Monument, and ended up at the Air and Space museum.  That evening I walked with Jeff Tamagini to the tidal basin by the Jefferson Memorial to try to take some sunset shots.  Amidst the entire city that was there, we still managed to get some decent stuff, besides having fun.
Being in DC, the theme was a presidential election during the keynote, complete with mean campaign commercials, a Sarah Palin impersonator, and signs for the audience to hold up for their favorite PS Guy (see my photo at the end of this post for one of those signs).
You'd think after doing 4 PSWs in a row that I'd start running out of things to take.  The team does such a good job of mixing older classes which have been running for awhile with newer classes from new instructors, that there's never any time to get bored.  This is what I took this time:
Mastering Smart Objects - Dave Cross
Mastering Adjustment Layers - Ben Wilmore
The Dramatic Portrait - Joel Grimes
Concert Photography: From Capture to Client - Alan Hess
Introducing Photoshop Touch - Russell Brown
Creating Unique Looks in Photoshop - Calvin Hollywood
Photoshop Freak Show Part 1 - Calvin Hollywood
Photoshop Fast and Furious - Glyn Dewis (expo floor)
Photoshop Freak Show Part 2 - Calvin Hollywood
Live Sports Commercial Shoot - Dave Black
10 Best Practices for Social Networking - Lindsay Adler
Design and Composition - Joe Glyda
Calvin Hollywood was definitely the most talked about instructor, packing all of his classes to the brim with standing room only.  I was excited to attend Glyn's expo floor class as well, and he brought down the house with his presentation.  The seats were all filled, people were standing 5 rows deep in the back, and others were even laying on the floor in the aisles.  It was definitely an exciting time.
Just when I thought I had seen everything from Dave Black, he comes in with a live commercial sports shoot.  Setting up mats, a regulation sized balance beam, and flying in a competitive gymnast, he proceeded to show up and explain to us how he'd shoot her for a commercial shoot, starting from setting up the lights, to camera settings, to when exactly to get peak action (including waiting for the smoke from the smoke machine to rise in the air a bit).  
Photo by Erik Valind
There's honestly not much else I can say that I haven't said in prior PSW recaps.  Alan Hess and Scott Diussa's concert precon is still amazing, the tweetup is fun to meet people at (even if it's impossible to drink due to the hotel asking exhorbitant drink prices), the after-hours party is fun to catch up with people and hear Big Electric Cat play, and the expo floor has so many insanely great deals, it's not even funny.  
Tony from Big Electric Cat
I didn't spend a whole lot of time at the Westcott shootout booth this time. They had 2 main booths to shoot at, with a third being used as a big teaching bay.  Honestly, they were always crowded.  I did shoot the first day with Thomas-the-Steampunk-Guy.  Nobody was talking to him, which I thought was kind of odd, so I asked him his name, and started giving him random directions which just popped into my head.  "The zombies are outside, you know they're coming in, so you're getting ready to attack."  That was fun, and even when I told other people to talk to him as well, nobody did.  But I had fun. :)  I also was lucky enough to be in the booth when Russell Brown was posing as a steampunk Abe Lincoln.
Russell Brown
I had a blast meeting the UK contingent that flew over from DC, and spent a lot of the time hanging out with Hugh and of course the "honorable" David Kelly.  Getting to participate in some of the pre-game challenges at Midnight Madness and helping out Vanelli (and Frank Doorhof in a roundabout sort of way), was also a highlight.
Vegas will be here sooner than we know it, and I'm definitely looking forward to that!
Taken at the onOne Software booth of myself and David Kelly