Coming Soon: A Conversation with Todd Carey

I know I've mentioned this before, or at least to friends, that now that I'm shooting concerts, I'm starting to enjoy the opening acts.  I'm hearing a lot of different music, and in some cases, getting to meet some really cool people. 

A few weeks ago when I shot Sister Hazel, I had the distinct honor of shooting one of their openers, singer/songwriter/musician Todd Carey.  I was blown away not only by his charisma, but his music.  After his set, he did something I've never seen before. He went over to his merchandise table, and for the rest of the evening (through the next opener, and the main act) talked to and met people.  

Here's a link to one of his songs, "Begin":

 Begin - Single - Todd Carey

I waited for a break in the people who wanted photos with him, and introduced myself.  Last week we connected over Skype, and I did an interview with him.  Only it wasn't so much an interview, as it was a cool conversation.

Coming to the blog in the next week or so, will be audio from that conversation, that I'm calling "A Conversation with Todd Carey," so definitely stay tuned!