Arenacross - jumps, whoops, crashes, and fun

Since I started shooting sports more seriously, I've come to realize that motocross of any type is one of my favorite things to shoot.  Racing is cool.  Jumps are cool.  Extreme jumps are way cool.  Crashes aren't cool, but can be interesting to see.  So when I saw Arenacross was coming to Denver, I had to get in on that.

Interesting shoot.  Really really fun shoot, but super interesting.  Arenacross is kind of like supercross racing, but in a much smaller venue, with lots of jumps, sharp turns, and whoops.  So it's very very tight quarters, and low light, which made it an interesting shoot.  

Between the course edges and the wall was basically the width of 1 person. The flaggers looked super uncomfortable standing there, there was no way I was standing there, so the course edges were out.

There really was no unused space where a shooter could stand anywhere on the track.  Bah.

I could stand by the start, but then I'd miss all the stuff at the back of the track.  That's where all the good stuff is.

So where did I go?  I actually got creative and found several shooting places.

  • Underneath or at the front of the freestyle ramp which was only set up for intermission. 
  • On top of the freestyle landing (called The Ant Hill since it was so big). A little difficult to get up top, and the flat spot on top was pretty small, so I sat down so I didn't accidentally take a step back and fall off.
  • There was a section of the track that only the pros used, so if I was very aware of what heat was going on, I could stand there...carefully.  
  • The pro landing ramp when the pros weren't going. They had a big jump and a decent sized landing ramp, so I hung out with the flagger on top there.

Here's a quick shot I took of the track from behind the start, with a few of the areas highlighted.

Now the big question - was it fun? HECK YEAH!!  Not just the pro events either, all of the events. Seeing the little kids race on the 50cc's, the freestyle motocross during intermission, and the quads were cool as well.