When HDR Makes a Difference

The "I hate HDR" vs the "I love HDR" argument is one that's never going to be won. It's like when I say I can't stand those bokeh photos that look like something blurry.  Some people are going to like it, some people are going to hate it.

For the most part, I like HDR.  Trey Ratcliff and RC Concepcion are two people who do HDR that I love.  You know why?  Their HDR isn't "overdone."  By that, I mean oversaturated, way too much strength, insanely grungy. That's the HDR I dislike, and that's the HDR that people who hate HDR mostly dislike. 

Now done tastefully, and not over the top, you can get an HDR photo that looks like this instead:

I love HDR like that. It definitely brings out the dynamic range of the tree, the lights, and the background.  Without HDR, the photo would be flat in some areas.



There are mainly 2 reasons to

There are mainly 2 reasons to hate HDR. First reason is images with HDR don't seems real. It's quite cheating. Second reason is images looks quite over-looked.

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