Favorite Photo of 2011 and Project 365 for New Year

Everybody I know is doing one of those year-end retrospective posts, and I probably could do the same, but I'm just not that into that.  Instead of doing that, I'll just share my absolute favorite photo that I took in 2011.


Drumroll please..






Here it is!

Nixey Danielson of the Metal Mulisha is my favorite photo.  Not only do I love watching freestyle motocross, but I love the clarity of this shot, the extension of the trick, and especially the fact that I can see his eyes.  

With that out of the way, it's time for the first blog post of 2012!

I've tried doing Project 365s in prior years. One year I even made it through March. I always quit though, and it's a combination for me of a couple of things. 1) when I get sick, I have no desire to do anything, and that includes taking photos. 2) I start struggling for things to take.

Well no more this year!  I've decided that once again, I'm going to try to embark upon that year long project that is the 365, but instead of trying to make every photo one of those "omg that photo is awesome" photos, it's going to be more about my life and myself.  Not every photo is going to be stellar, but every photo will reflect me in some way.  Yes, I'll still include photos from shoots, and if I have the opportunity to make a great photo, I won't hesitate, but not everything will be perfect.

I won't be posting everything to the blog either, it will all go to my personal Flickr account.  However, as January 1st was yesterday, I figured I'd start the year off right with my first slice of life shot.

This is my son at his first movie in the theater. We actually took him to two movies this weekend, "The Adventures of TinTin" and "Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked." He enjoyed both of them, and understood the whole "quiet voice" thing.  Also, seeing a movie at 9:30am is a great time since for the Chipmunks, it was us, and one other family.

One down, 364 to go.