Support Others, Don't Be Bitter

There's a Facebook page that I'm a fan of, called Music Photographers.  It's basically what the title says - a fan page for music photographers.  Mostly people posting some of their concert shots and talking about band release forms they're made to sign if they want to shoot, and why they won't sign them.  Pretty innocuous.

However every once in awhile, I'll read a few threads posted on the wall, and see just how bitter and cranky some people are towards other photographers.  I posted a question a few weeks ago about good wording to use to tell a band if they want a print it'll cost them more than photo credit. Most people were helpful, and a few even suggested some monetary rates to charge.  Then there was one person who basically called me an idiot (not using that word, but the gist of his post was that), and rolled his eyes at me.  When I asked him what was up with that, instead of taking the time and effort to explain to me what was wrong with a particular response, he gave me the old "I've been shooting in this industry for 23 years and blah blah blah" line.  

Several more back and forth responses ensued, still no helpful tips or information from him.

So I ask, what's the point of being bitter in photography?  Why do some people as photographers feel the need to bash others instead of being helpful?  How is my selling a print to a band going to affect him?  Is it because he didn't do it himself?

The same board also, on a thread about the best photos of the year from Spin magazine, ripped all the photographers to shreds.

Now this isn't an attack specifically on that board, it's just an example that I thought of that gave me the idea for this blog post.  I just don't understand the mentality that we as photographers have to view everybody else as competition and can't help them out, or be happy when something good happens to them.  We may not necessarily like their photos, but somebody obviously did, so be happy for them!

My take away on this - I'm going to ignore the sour people, because honestly, they have nothing I want to learn from anyways, and continue to cheer on people I know, people I don't know, and help out when I can.  Go team!


The photography community is

The photography community is filled with bitter people who have nothing better to do than rain on someone's parade. Just hang with the cool folks and enjoy that wonderful thing you do man.