PhotoWhoa - a photo deals site

There are daily deals sites all over the web.  Groupon, Woot, LivingSocial...I could go on and on about them.  There are a few photo daily deal sites around, but I was recently made aware of PhotoWhoa.

According to Kevin Tang, one of the co-founders, "PhotoWhoa is a daily deals site for photographers. Think of them as a Groupon specifically for photography products. They feature highly discounted photography items generally over 50% off retail price."

The one thing I like about this site over other daily deals sites is that you don't need to give them your email address to see the deal.  Yes, they ask for it when you go to the site, but here's the best part, you can click the "skip this" link and still see the deals.  Other sites can learn from that.

Currently there's a couple of deals going on.  The Easy Canvas Prints one is the reason they emailed me to tell me about the site to begin with, being as I did a review of it recently.  You can get a $100 credit to Easy Canvas Prints for $39 until December 31st.  Not a bad deal!

Definitely check out the site if you're a photographer.

Note, that I'm not getting anything from them for talking about the site - they emailed me because they had seen my Easy Canvas Prints review, and I took it upon myself to write this up.  I'm not affiliated with them at all, and am not responsible for anything they do.