Photography is Art, And I Don't Get Some of It

I've seen so many discussions over time about different aspects of photography. Some people love HDR, others hate it.  Some people love street photography, others don't.  It's just like regular art. Personally I don't get modern art, and I don't enjoy looking at it.  I actually saw a piece in an art museum once which was just a black canvas with a tiny corner torn off.  And yes, it actually as a piece because it had a placard.  I don't get that, but apparently others do since the art museum paid a nice sum for it.

There is no wrong way to like something that's art, but it is possible that other people just won't get something that you like.  Which is fine.

For a few Fridays, I've done a little satire on all of the random themes people are posting on Google+ (Waterfall Wednesday, Self Portrait Sunday, etc...) and done F-cked Up Friday, where I'm posting photos that didn't quite make it for one reason or another.

Last week I posted this:

It's supposed to be the lead singer of Testament, but the lighting was wonky and the autofocus was having issues.  It's a completely out of focus worthless shot, and looks like a giant blob.

I immediately got a comment saying "nice bokeh and color."

Some things I just don't get.



Maybe you can start a new

Maybe you can start a new style of photography Michelle - Post Pictorialist & Impressionist Photography (PPIP for short).
And no offense intended to that person (or you!) but that's not nice bokeh nor colour ;-)