May 2012

How I Use My iPad for Photos

Since I got an iPad, I haven't taken a laptop on any trips.  Well, there was a sports workshop I attended that required a laptop, but other than that, I go strictly with my iPad.  One of the things I wasn't able to do with my first generation iPad that I'm able to do with the New iPad is download and edit photos on it.  Oh if I had removed stuff from my old one, I probably could have, but 16 gigs isn't a lot of space when you have apps and videos installed.  

The last two trips I've been on, I've used a combination of Photosmith and Snapseed to do photo editing.


Big Sale on Perfect Photo Suite 6!

I don't know about you guys, but I love sales.  Not just on the standard things like clothes, or TVs, or computers, but I love sales on photography stuff.  As photographers, we know how expensive cameras and lenses are, and there's probably a lot of other items we want to get that we hold off on because of cost.


Don't Throttle Up Too Fast

Anybody who knows me, knows that motocross is one of my favorite sports to shoot.  I love freestyle the best, but second to that, is racing.  I love the hum of the engines at the starting line just before the gates come down.  That obviously doesn't translate at all to photos, but it's part of the experience of being there.