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Dirt Bike Rider Composite

Some more fun with my friend Randy. I made him bring over some of his dirt biking gear so I could snap some shots.  I tossed him on a white backdrop, and used 3 lights for the setup.

Black, Dramatic Lighting

The other day my friend Randy was over at the house since I needed a model for some lighting techniques I wanted to try.  Leif (my oh-so-helpful husband) refused to model, and as us photographers know, it's hard to set up lighting and get the focusing correct if you're the model, so that left Randy.  He had no problems coming to help me.

Coming Soon: A Conversation with Todd Carey

I know I've mentioned this before, or at least to friends, that now that I'm shooting concerts, I'm starting to enjoy the opening acts.  I'm hearing a lot of different music, and in some cases, getting to meet some really cool people. 

Why I Don't Want to Shoot for Sports Illustrated

For sports photographers, the name Sports Illustrated brings shivers down the spine.  They are the assignment to strive for.  The top printed magazine in the business.

I have no desire to work for them as a staff photographer.

All Access: the ultimate how-to book in concert photography

What if you were a beginning concert photographer who wanted some information on getting started?