February 2012

Black, Dramatic Lighting

The other day my friend Randy was over at the house since I needed a model for some lighting techniques I wanted to try.  Leif (my oh-so-helpful husband) refused to model, and as us photographers know, it's hard to set up lighting and get the focusing correct if you're the model, so that left Randy.  He had no problems coming to help me.



All Access: the ultimate how-to book in concert photography

What if you were a beginning concert photographer who wanted some information on getting started?  Previously you had to rely on blog posts, asking people over social media (which only started lately) or other photographers, randomly figuring it out yourself, or if you had the chance and the money, attending the Concert Precon at Photoshop World (note: still attend this if you have the chance even after reading the book - there's no substitute for live training and being able to ask questions as needed).