October 2011

Portfolio Reviews and You

This is one of those articles I'll come back to in a few months when the next Photoshop World comes up, but I was thinking about it recently.  By this point in time, I've had a few portfolio reviews.  Two of them at Photoshop World, and two of them at the Sports Photography Workshop. Overall, I was very pleased with all four of them.


Photography is Art, And I Don't Get Some of It

I've seen so many discussions over time about different aspects of photography. Some people love HDR, others hate it.  Some people love street photography, others don't.  It's just like regular art. Personally I don't get modern art, and I don't enjoy looking at it.  I actually saw a piece in an art museum once which was just a black canvas with a tiny corner torn off.  And yes, it actually as a piece because it had a placard.  I don't get that, but apparently others do since the art museum paid a nice sum for it.


Comparison - No flash vs. off camera flash

I am the first to admit that I'm not an off camera flash expert, although I've been having a lot of fun using it.  (side note: if you're a Kelby Training member, go on over and watch Dave Black's Action Sports Flash Photography class.  I now want to carry a Speedlite with me everyplace I go.)

Why is off camera flash good? Well, here's a comparison.


Friday Showcase: Rob Sylvan

I honestly couldn't even tell you when I really started getting to know Rob Sylvan, but I'm pretty sure it was sometime during my first Photoshop World (note to my blog readers: you noticing a pattern here?).  Not only is Rob a great photographer (who knew he liked nature?), but he's known as the "Lightroom Guy", answering Lightroom questions for NAPP, and writing a regular column in Photoshop User.


Followup: Where to Find Contact Info for Publicists

I wanted to do a quick addendum to the post I did about a month ago on finding out publicist contact info.  That was dedicated to finding the publicist for a band. But there's a key person I completely left out. While I like contacting the publicist directly, what if you can't find them?  What do you do?  Well, contact the promoter of the show!  They'll have direct access to the publicists and can help you get a photo credential.  



Using Off Camera Flash at Endurocross

I've been pretty hesistant to mess around a lot with off camera flash during sporting events. Honestly, I'm one of those people who think "won't the flash bug the athlete?"  I had that mindset, until Dave Black reminded me that with the flashes going off at 1/250 of a second, or even faster, to them it just looks like a quick blink, even though to us it might seem like an eternity.