September 2011

Friday Showcase: Jacob Lucas

Jacob Lucas was the quiet helper during the HDR Photowalk in Las Vegas last year. While the walk was led by Brian, Jacob was more off to the side, ready to help at a moment's notice.  At some point during the walk, I had several HDR questions, and Jacob showed me some cool stuff that cleared a lot of them right up.  I talked to him several more times during the expo, and realized he's not only a great photographer, but he's a cool guy too!


Trying to Fit Digimarc into My Workflow

My friend Bill, at the end of Photoshop World in Orlando, was talking to me about how he purchased a subscription to Digimarc Images.  Basically it encodes a digital watermark inside of your photo, that you can't remove (Leif actually tried because he was convinced he could, and he couldn't).  It's a good way for you to see where your photos end up, if they end up in places you're not expecting.


Shots That Are Almost, But Not Quite

We've all been there, we've all had them.  Shots that look awesome on the back of the camera, but look horrible on the computer.  See this shot?  Looks pretty decent, right? (I'm simulating what it would look like on your camera LCD, but it's not exact scale).

I was super excited when I saw it on the back of the camera.  You've got a headfirst slide, dirt flying everywhere, and it just looks like it's going to be a great action shot.


Friday Showcase: Brandon Jacoby

At my first Photoshop World, I spent a lot of time watching Photoshop Wars because, well, it was just cool.  I came late to one of them, and was surprised to see a 14 year old at the computer. What amazed me even more is that he knew what he was doing!  Brandon Jacoby is one of the coolest teenagers that I've had the pleasure of meeting, and does amazing photography.  Today I turn my blog over to him.

First off, I just want to thank Michelle for letting me write on her blog today.


Sometimes the Concert Song Limit is a Bummer

As a concert photographer, I completely and totally understand about song limits.  Well, I don't necessarily understand them, since they seem like an arbitrary standard, but I understand that they're in place, and if I expect to shoot shows, I need to abide by them.  I'm the first out of the pit as soon as that third song ends (or second, depending on what the limit may be), and always give the security guards a nod, or a wave, or some motion of understanding. It's very important to me to have a good reputation, not just with the promoters and publicists, but with the venue staff.



Friday Showcase: Trish Logan

I actually just met Trish Logan at the most recent Photoshop World. Even before I realized she was a Guru Award finalist, she immediately struck me as somebody really cool to get to know, and my gut was right when we had fun shooting Jeff in the Westcott Booth at the show (it took both of us to convince him to do it).  With fun with new friends (and old friends) fresh in my mind, I had to ask her to do a Friday Showcase.

Meeting People at Photoshop World

When I tell people I know now that I used to be the quiet one when I was a kid, nobody believes me.  It's completely true!  I don't know when I made the transition from "don't talk to anybody" to "talk to everybody", but I think it was sometime in college.  Having just come back from my third Photoshop World, and hearing people tell me, "wow, you know everybody,"  makes me happy.



Photoshop World Vegas 2011: It's Not Just an Event

Another Photoshop World has come and gone, and there's just six more months until the next one.  I'm enjoying each one the more I go because for me it's not just the classes, it's the socialization.  I started out at my first PSW by not knowing anybody (except kind of one person from social media, but only kind of), and now I have a whole group of people that I can hang out with, and talk to.  


Friday Showcase: Patrick LaMontagne

I'm breaking my "photographer" rule for today, because there is absolutely no way you can talk about creative and artistic talent without including Patrick "Monty" LaMontagne.  From the time I saw him start posting his illustrations on the NAPP forums, I've been following his work, and have been delighted to get to know him through the powers of social media.  He's incredibly down to earth (well, relatively...), funny, and just has an eye for...well...everything.